Nature based Counselling (Ecotherapy)

A Nature based Counselling or Ecotherapy session is much like a traditional Counselling session, ideally held outdoors, but can be done indoors too. Neurologically, emotionally and even spiritually, we and our children need nature for our wellbeing and growth. And nature needs us too, now, more than ever.  Ecotherapy addresses the fundamental interdependence of our psyche (soul and self) with all living systems including our body, relationships, family systems, work, lifestyle and habits, culture and the earth systems, animals and plants themselves.

It seeks to address the cause of burn out, stress, anxiety, depression, fear, anger, hopelessness and helplessness that many of us feel in our fast-paced lifestyles. The problem, crisis or obstacle that initiates a call for help, is addressed by first checking your lifestyle and environment(s) for factors that may be causing or adding to it. I draw on a lot of different Counselling philosophies including Humanistic,  Narrative Therapy, Art Therapy, Play Therapy, CBT and Mindfulness and in this way my counselling space is open to creativity and playfulness, while fostering a strong therapeutic relationship and emotional support for my clients.

I place great emphasis on healthy lifestyle choices, building self-esteem and letting go of limiting beliefs to help my clients live a more joyful life. I have specialised tools and questionairres for evaluating your lifestyle, home and work environments for stress and anxiety. I aim to help my clients identify and remove blocks to their wellbeing, build their confidence, resilience and self-awareness so that they may learn the skills to support themselves and relate better with others.

Let's go outside

A nature based counselling session could include some of these gentle and grounding exercises and experiences:

  • Breathing &  visualisation exercises
  • Mindful walking and moving in nature
  • Sensory/body awareness & exercises
  • Mindfulness practices & information
  • Nature art making such as mandalas, land art
  • Art therapy practices
  • Sky gazing, forest bathing
  • Nature allies for support & wisdom
  • Gardening for nurturing the earth and self
  • Creating a nature ritual for yourself or with others to mark an ending, a new beginning, a transition or a letting go.

Exercises and all outdoor activities are discussed and agreed prior.

 Where can it be done?

Curently I use a beautful, cosy office and the garden at Soil for Life in Constantia for individual sessions. Other walk and talk venues for adults can include Little Stream, and other safe public open green spaces or nature reserves around Cape Town that I have identified.


Nature based Counselling can help with:

  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Self-esteem & Motivation
  • Grief & Loss
  • Relationships & Codependency
  • Crisis & Trauma
  • Lifestyle & Stress / Burnout
  • Life transitions & Illness support


1 hour session   R550 

Some concessions apply

To make an appointment, please email me at

or Contact me 079 398 0145 to discuss your needs in more depth